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Nozzle Filling Compound

Nozzle Filling Compound

Carefully graded refractory nozzle filling compound which can be made as per requirement of customer’s need for steel transfer ladle with slide gate system.


As it posses selected granulometry and high refractoriness, it does not sinter when in contact with molten steel around 1600 °C temperature with high ferrostatic head when kept in ladle nozzle-well cavity. Thus it results into free flowing of METAFIL-LD when slide gate is opened and it comes out freely or with minor oxygen lancing establishing a very smooth stream from the ladle. Depending on nozzle diameter as well as holding time of molten metal in ladle, granulometry of nozzle filling compound and chemical composition of refractory filler change.

Available in three types

1. Chromite Base-Recommended for Mild Steel Production

2. Zircon Base-Recommended for Mild Steel Production

3. Quartz Base